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Education Products

Equine Skull Model



MAI AH #53900

  • Actual size plastic replica based on a 15-year-old quarter horse
  • Replication of the horse’s original teeth demonstrates a number of dental conditions
  • Removable and replaceable teeth depict dental malocclusions and other dental abnormalities 
  • Ideal for client education
  • Teeth replicate the hardness of real equine teeth and can be corrected for demonstration purpose 
  • Equine Skull Model includes a set of arcades


Replacement Teeth

 (Set of 4)



MAI AH #53901

  • Replaceable teeth replicate the hardness of equine teeth 
  • All four arcades can be replaced
  • May be used as a stand-alone model or to replace worn down teeth in the Equine Skull Model

Dental Invoices & Charts



MAI AH #53801: Dental Invoices

  • Provides a frontal view of the mouth with a top view of each tooth to record any malocclusions 
  • Tooth abnormalities can be recorded in a 3-dimensional view on the chart 
  • Pre and post charting can be recorded to show interocclusal space, surface angles and percentage of occlusion 
  •  Itemized billing space is provided
  • 50-page, two-part carbonless copy paper


MAI AH #53800: Dental Charts

  • Designed to better illustrate to the horse owner the dental problems and corrections
  • Charts provide a quick and easy way of identifying the malocclusions and the corrections made, the patient's next appointment and an itemized listing of all costs to the horse owner
  • Provides a complete dental record for the veterinarian and owner
  • 50-page, two-part carbonless copy paper